Papers 2010

WP 10/01
Durable Consumption and Asset Management with Transaction and Observation Costs

Fernando Alvarez - Luigi Guiso - Francesco Lippi

WP 10/02
Heterogeneous Labor Skills, The Median Voter and Labor Taxes

Facundo Piguillem - Anderson L. Schneider

WP 10/03
The Aggregate Impact of Micro Distortions: Complementarities Matter

Raphael Bergoeing - Norman V. Loayza - Facundo Piguillem

WP 10/04
Estimating Engel Curves under Unit and Item Nonresponse

Giuseppe De Luca - Franco Peracchi

WP 10/05
Civic Capital as the Missing Link

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 10/06
A Trust-driven Financial Crisis. Implications for the Future of Financial Markets

Luigi Guiso

WP 10/07
Tax Buyouts

Marco Del Negro - Fabrizio Perri - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 10/08
Credit within the Firm

Luigi Guiso - Luigi Pistaferri - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 10/09
Oil and the Macroeconomy: A Quantitative Structural Analysis

Francesco Lippi - Andrea Nobili

WP 10/10
Optimal Price Setting with Observation and Menu Costs

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi - Luigi Paciello

WP 10/11
Are Networks Priced? Network Topology and Order Trading Strategies in High Liquidity Markets

Ethan Cohen-Cole - Andrei Kirilenko - Eleonora Patacchini

WP 10/12
The Heterogeneous Thresholds Ordered Response Model: Identi cation and Inference

Franco Peracchi - Claudio Rossetti

WP 10/13
Asymptotically Efficient Estimation of the Conditional Expected Shortfall

Samantha Leorato - Franco Peracchi - Andrei V. Tanase

WP 10/14
Corporate Control and Executive Selection

Francesco Lippi - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 10/15
Aging, Cognitive Abilities and Retirement

Fabrizio Mazzonna - Franco Peracchi

WP 10/16
Subjective Survival Probabilities and Life Tables: Evidence from Europe

Franco Peracchi - Valeria Perotti

WP 10/17
Persistent Liquidity Effect and Long Run Money Demand

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi

WP 10/18
A Note on Price Adjustment with Menu Cost for Multi-product Firms

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi

WP 10/19
Understanding the Size and Profitability of Firms: The Role of a Biological Factor

Luigi Guiso - Aldo Rustichini

WP 10/20
The Inflation-Output Trade-off with Downward Wage Rigidities

Pierpaolo Benigno - Luca Antonio Ricci

WP 10/21
Second-Order Approximation of Dynamic Models with Time-Varying Risk

Gianluca Benigno - Pierpaolo Benigno - Salvatore Nisticò

WP 10/22
Contracts as Threats: on a Rationale For Rewarding A while Hoping For B

Elisabetta Iossa - Giancarlo Spagnolo

WP 10/23
Commodity Money with Frequent Search

Ezra Oberfield - Nicholas Trachter

WP 10/24
Monetary Policy, Doubts and Asset Prices

Pierpaolo Benigno - Luigi Paciello

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