Papers 2011

WP 11/01
What Do CEOs Do?

Oriana Bandiera - Luigi Guiso - Andrea Prat - Raffaella Sadun

WP 11/02
What Drives Women Out of Entrepreneurship? The Joint Role of Testosterone and Culture

Luigi Guiso - Aldo Rustichini

WP 11/03
Option Value and Transitions in a Model of Postsecondary Education

Nicholas Trachter

WP 11/04
Exogenous Information, Endogenous Information and Optimal Monetary Policy

Luigi Paciello - Mirko Wiederholt

WP 11/05
On the Distribution of College Dropouts: Wealth and Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Risk

Ali K. Ozdagli - Nicholas Trachter

WP 11/06
One-Sided Representations of Generalized Dynamic Factor Models

Mario Forni - Marc Hallin - Marco Lippi - Paolo Zaffaroni

WP 11/07
The Role of Intuition and Reasoning in Driving Aversion to Risk and Ambiguity

Jeffrey V. Butler - Luigi Guiso - Tullio Jappelli

WP 11/08
The Optimum Quantity of Money with Borrowing Constraints

Francesco Lippi - Nicholas Trachter

WP 11/09
Moving to Segregation: Evidence from 8 Italian Cities

Tito Boeri - Marta De Philippis - Eleonora Patacchini - Michele Pellizzari

WP 11/10
Dynamic Strategic Information Transmission

Mikhail Golosov - Vasiliki Skreta - Aleh Tsyvinski - Andrea Wilson

WP 11/11
A Generalized Missing-Indicator Approach to Regression with Imputed Covariates

Valentino Dardanoni - Giuseppe De Luca - Salvatore Modica - Franco Peracchi

WP 11/12
Detecting Propagation Effects by Observing Aggregate Distributions: The Case of Lumpy Investments

Luigi Guiso - Chaoqun Lai - Makoto Nirei

WP 11/13
Using Panel Data to Partially Identify HIV Prevalence when HIV Status Is Not Missing at Random

Bruno Arpino - Elisabetta De Cao - Franco Peracchi

WP 11/14
Who Is Hurt by E-commerce? Crowding out and Business Stealing in Online Grocery

Andrea Pozzi

WP 11/15
Childhood circumstances and adult outcomes: Evidence from World War II

Enkelejda Havari - Franco Peracchi

WP 11/16
Time Horizon and Cooperation in Continuous Time

Maria Bigoni - Marco Casari - Andrzej Skrzypacz - Giancarlo Spagnolo

WP 11/17
Legalizing Bribes

Martin Dufwenberg - Giancarlo Spagnolo

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