Papers 2023

WP 23/01
How much and how fast do investors respond to equity premium changes? Evidence from wealth taxation

Andreas Fagereng - Luigi Guiso - Marius Ring

WP 23/02
Refining Public Policies with Machine Learning: The Case of Tax Auditing

Marco Battaglini - Luigi Guiso - Chiara Lacava - Douglas L. Miller - Eleonora Patacchini

WP 23/03
Managers’ Productivity and Recruitment in the Public Sector

Pablo Muñoz - Mounu Prem

WP 23/04
Peaceful Entry: Entrepreneurship Dynamics During Colombia’s Peace Agreement

Carolina Bernal - Mounu Prem - Juan F. Vargas - Mónica Ortiz

WP 23/05
The intergenerational transmission of higher education: Evidence from the 1973 coup in Chile

María Angélica Bautista - Felipe González - Luis R. Martínez - Pablo Muñoz - Mounu Prem

WP 23/06
Common Components Structural VARs

Mario Forni - Luca Gambetti - Marco Lippi - Luca Sala

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