Forthcoming Events

Rome Workshop on Econometrics: Frontiers in Casual Inference

21-22 September 2024
EIEF, Rome

EIEF, Harvard University, Sapienza University and the University of "Tor Vergata" are jointly organizing the Rome Workshop on Econometrics: Frontiers in Casual Infereces that will be hosted by EIEF. Guido W. Imbens (Standford University) will be the Keynote Speaker. Professor Imbens was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2021 allong with fellow economists David Card and Joshua Angrist for their contribution for the development of empirical methods in economics. The organizers are Alessandro Casini (University of "Tor Vergata"), Giuseppe Ragusa (Sapienza University), Massimo Sbracia (Bank of Italy, EIEF) and Davide Viviano (Harvard University).  Upcoming Program.

Registration by invitation only

 3rd Macro-Monetary Workshop Bank of Italy - EIEF

23 September 2024
EIEF, Rome

EIEF and the Bank are organizing the third edition of the Macro-Monetary Workshop. The event is part of a series of regular thematic workshops that aim at establishing a platform for the early discussion of research projects among economists at the Bank of Italy and EIEF and incentivizing collaboration on joint research projects. The workshop will consist in 8 presentations of 30 minutes each, divided in 2 sessions. The organizers are Luigi Paciello (EIEF) and Andrea Tiseno (Bank of Italy). Upcoming Program.

EIEF/Bank of Italy/CEPR/EEF/OECD Conference on “Firm-level Production Networks: Implications for Productivity, Global Resilience and the Twin tTansition”

Rome, December 9-10, 2024
Call for Papers

EIEF - Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance,, the Bank of Italy, the Centre for Economic Policy Research, the Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development are pleased to announce a research conference on “Firm-level production networks and their implications for productivity, global resilience and the twin transition”. The meeting aims at bringing together lead economists to discuss the role of production networks in defining the organisation of production, links between firms, the propagation of shocks and industrial policy spillovers, with a particular emphasis on micro-macro linkages (from firm behaviour to aggregate productivity growth, global resilience, the twin transition etc.) and policy implications. Both theoretical and empirical works are welcome. To submit your paper see the Call for Papers.

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