Papers 2012

WP 12/01
Reputation, Competition, and Entry in Procurement

Giancarlo Spagnolo

WP 12/02
Democratization and Civic Capital

Luigi Guiso - Paolo Pinotti

WP 12/03
Incentive and Selection Effects of Medigap Insurance on Inpatient Care

Valentino Dardanoni - Paolo Li Donni

WP 12/04
Household Finance. An Emerging Field

Luigi Guiso - Paolo Sodini

WP 12/05
Exports and Wages: Rent Sharing, Workforce Composition or Returns to Skills?

Mario Macis - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 12/06
Dynamic Bargaining over Redistribution in Legislatures

Facundo Piguillem - Alessandro Riboni

WP 12/07
Trust & Insurance Markets

Luigi Guiso

WP 12/08
Monetary Shocks in a Model with Inattentive Producers

Fernando Alvarez - Francesco Lippi - Luigi Paciello

WP 12/09
Consumers’ Imperfect Information and Price Rigidities

Jean-Paul L’Huillier

WP 12/10
Trust, Values and False Consensus

Jeffrey Butler - Paola Giuliano - Luigi Guiso

WP 12/11
Demand or Productivity: What Determines Firm Growth?

Andrea Pozzi - Fabiano Schivardi

WP 12/12
Financial Disclosure and Market Transparency with Costly Information Processing

Marco Di Maggio - Marco Pagano

WP 12/13
Trust and Cheating

Jeffrey V. Butler - Paola Giuliano - Luigi Guiso

WP 12/14
Price as a signal of product quality: Some experimental evidence

Giovanni Mastrobuoni - Franco Peracchi - Aleksey Tetenov

WP 12/15
Reputation and Entry

Jeffrey V. Butler - Enrica Carbone - Pierluigi Conzo - Giancarlo Spagnolo

WP 12/16
Technological Revolutions and Debt Hangovers: Is There a Link?

Dan Cao - Jean-Paul L’Huillier

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