Papers 2009

WP 09/01
Matching Firms, Managers and Incentives

Oriana Bandiera - Luigi Guiso - Andrea Prat - Raffaella Sadun

WP 09/02
Pension Risk, Retirement Saving and Insurance

Luigi Guiso - Tullio Jappelli -Mario Padula

WP 09/03
Status and Confidence, in the Lab

Jeffrey V. Butler

WP 09/04
A Theory of Bayesian Decision Making

Edi Karni

WP 09/05
Moral and Social Constraints to Strategic Default on Mortgages

Luigi Guiso - Paola Sapienza - Luigi Zingales

WP 09/06
Precautionary Demand for Money in a Monetary Business Cycle Model

Irina A. Telyukova - Ludo Visschers

WP 09/07
Securitization, Transparency and Liquidity

Marco Pagano - Paolo Volpin

WP 09/08
The Right Amount of Trust

Jeffrey Butler - Paola Giuliano - Luigi Guiso

WP 09/09
Corporate Fraud, Governance and Auditing

Marco Pagano - Giovanni Immordino

WP 09/10
Persistence of Civil Wars

Daron Acemoglu - Davide Ticchi - Andrea Vindigni

WP 09/11
Power Fluctuations and Political Economy

Daron Acemoglu - Michael Golosov - Aleh Tsyvinski

WP 09/12
Credit Ratings Failures and Policy Options

Marco Pagano - Paolo Volpin

WP 09/13
Equilibrium Trust

Luca Anderlini - Daniele Terlizzese

WP 09/14
Legal Standards, Enforcement and Corruption

Giovanni Immordino - Marco Pagano

WP 09/15
Inheritance Law and Investment in Family Firms

Andrew Ellul - Marco Pagano - Fausto Panunzi

WP 09/16
Monetary Policy and Price Responsiveness to Aggregate Shocks under Rational Inattention

Luigi Paciello

WP 09/17
Does Inflation Adjust Faster to Aggregate Technology Shocks than to Monetary Policy Shocks?

Luigi Paciello

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