Selected Publications by EIEF’s researchers


"Career Consequences of Firm Heterogeneity for Young Workers: First Job and Firm Size", Jaime Arellano-Bover, Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming.

"Interactions with Powerful Female Colleagues Promote Diversity in Hiring", Marco Battaglini and Eleonora Patacchini (with J. Harris), Journal of Labor Economics, forthcoming.

"Abstentions and Social Networks in Congress", Marco Battaglini and Eleonora Patacchini (with V. Leone Sciabolazza), Journal of Politics, forthcoming.

"Monetary Policy in a World of Cryptocurrencies", Pierpaolo Benigno, Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.

"Adams and Eves: High School Math and the Gender Gap in Economics Majors", Graziella Bertocchi (with L. Bonacini and M. Murat), Economic Inquiry, forthcoming.

"JUE Insight: COVID-19, race, and gender", Graziella Bertocchi (with A. Dimico), Journal of Urban Economics, forthcoming.

"Algorithmic collusion, genuine and spurious", Emilio Calvano (with G. Calzolari, V. Denicolò and S. Pastorello), International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

"Ambiguity Aversion and Heterogeneity in Households' Beliefs" Claudio Michelacci and Luigi Paciello, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming.

"Career Spillovers in Internal Labor Markets", Matteo Paradisi (with N. Bianchi, G. Bovini, J. Li, and M. Powell), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

"Information, Mobile Communication, and Referral Effects", Eleonora Patacchini (with P. Jia Barwick, Y. Liu, and Q. Wu), American Economic Review, forthcoming.

"Information Transmission in a Social Network: A Field Experiment", Eleonora Patacchini (with P. Pin and T. Rotesi), Journal of Experimental Political Science, forthcoming.

"Parents, Neighbors, and Youth Crime", Eleonora Patacchini (with C. Diaz), Review of Economics of the Household, forthcoming.

"Hours worked and the U.S. distribution of real annual earnings 1976–2019", Franco Peracchi (with I. Fernández-Val, Aico van Vuuren, and F. Vella), Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming.

"Selection and the distribution of female real hourly wages in the U.S.", Franco Peracchi (with I. Fernández-Val, Aico van Vuuren, and F. Vella), Quantitative Economics, forthcoming.

"Weighted-average Least Squares (WALS): Confidence and Prediction Intervals", Franco Peracchi (with Giuseppe De Luca and Jan Magnus), Computational Economics, forthcoming.

"Saving Rates and Savings Ratios", Facundo Piguillem (with G. Ordoñez), Review of Economics Dynamics, forthcoming.

"Expansionary Yet Different: Credit Supply and Real Effects of Negative Interest Rate Policy", Andrea Polo (with M. Bottero, C. Minoiu, A. Presbitero, J.L. Peydro and E. Sette), Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

"From uniform to bespoke prices: Hotel pricing during EURO 2016", Andrea Pozzi (with M. Nicolini and C. Piga), Quantitative Marketing and Economics, forthcoming.

"Buying a Blind Eye: Campaign Donations, Regulatory Enforcement, and Deforestation", Mounu Prem (with R. Harding, N. A. Ruiz, and D. Vargas), American Political Science Review, forthcoming.

"Police Violence, Student Protests, and Educational Performance", Mounu Prem (with F. González), Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming.

"The Human Capital Peace Dividend", Mounu Prem (with J. F. Vargas and O. Namen), Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming.

"Management practices and resilience to shocks: Evidence from COVID-19", Fabiano Schivardi (with A. Lamorgese, A. Linarello and M. Patnaik), Management Science, forthcoming.

"Are Executives in Short Supply? Evidence from Deaths’ Events", Fabiano Schivardi (with J. Sauvagnat), The Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

"Certification, Reputation and Entry: an Empirical Analysis", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with M. Saeedi, S. Tadelis and X. Hui), American Economic Journal – Microeconomics, forthcoming.

"Leniency Inflation, Cartel Damages, and Criminalization", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with C. Marvao), Review of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

"Memory and Markets", Giancarlo Spagnolo (with S. Kovbasjuk), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

"Price Commitments in Standard Setting under Asymmetric Information", Emanuele Tarantino (with J. Boone and F. Schuett), Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming.

"Utility Tokens, Network Effects, and Pricing Power", Luana Zaccaria (with K. Shakhnov), Management Science, forthcoming.

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