Selected Publications 2012

International Portfolio Allocation under Model Uncertainty”, Pierpaolo Benigno (with S. Nisticò), American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2012, Volume 4, Issue 1, pages 144-189.

Linear-Quadratic Approximation of Optimal Policy Problems“, Pierpaolo Benigno (with M. Woodford), Journal of Economic Theory, 2012, Volume 147, Issue 1, pages 1-42.

Risk, Monetary Policy and The Exchange Rate”, Pierpaolo Benigno (with G. Benigno and S. Nisticò) in D. Acemoglu and M. Woodford, eds., NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2011, University of Chicago Press, 2012.

Durable Consumption and Asset Management with Transaction and Observation Costs“, Luigi Guiso and Francesco Lippi (with F. Alvarez), American Economic Review, 2012, Volume 102, Issue 5, pages 2272-2300.

The Market for Lawyers and Quality Layers in the Legal Services“, Elisabetta Iossa (with B. Jullien), RAND Journal of Economics, 2012, Volume 43, Issue 4, pages 677-704.

Risk Allocation and the Costs and Benefits of Public-Private Partnership“, Elisabetta Iossa (with D. Martimort), RAND Journal of Economics, 2012, Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 442 - 474.

Oil and the Macroeconomy: A Quantitative Structural Analysis“, Francesco Lippi (with A. Nobili), Journal of the European Economic Association, 2012, Volume 10, Issue 5, pages 1059-1083.

Securitization, Transparency and Liquidity“, Marco Pagano (with P. Volpin), Review of Financial Studies, 2012, Volume 25, Issue 8, pages 2417-2453.

Juvenile Deliquency and Conformism“, Eleonora Patacchini (with Y. Zenou), Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, 2012, Volume 28, Issue 1, pages 1-31.

Aging, cognitive abilities and retirement“, Franco Peracchi (with F. Mazzonna), European Economic Review, 2012, Volume 56, Issue 4, pages 691-710.

Shopping Cost and Brand Exploration in Online Grocery”, Andrea Pozzi, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2012, Volume 4, Issue 3, pages 96-120.

Fines, Leniency and Rewards in Antitrust“, Giancarlo Spagnolo (with M. Bigoni, S. Fridolfsson, and C. Le Coq), RAND Journal of Economics, 2012, Volume 43, Issue 2, pages 368-390.

Commodity Money with Frequent Search“, Nicholas Trachter (with E. Oberfield), Journal of Economic Theory, 2012, Volume 147, Issue 6, pages 2332-2356.

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