Teaching at EIEF is centered on the Rome Masters in Economics (RoME), a challenging, two-year graduate course (Laurea Magistrale), entirely taught in English, designed for a small group of selected students with high drive and potential. RoME, which is offered jointly with LUISS Guido Carli university, started in 2017 and gives students the tools to pursue high-quality independent research. It is a gateway to Ph.D. programs in the world’s leading universities, or the foundation for a career as a professional economist in private and public institutions. More information on RoME can be found in its website.

The start of the RoME program suggested the opportunity to redesign PhD level teaching, with the goal of creating a high quality, coherent path to higher education. This has recently led to the launch of the Rome Economics Doctorate (RED), in cooperation with Luiss Guido Carli and University of Rome Tor Vergata. RED will start in the academic year 2020-2021. For further information, visit the program's website.

In the past, EIEF offered courses complementing the curricula of PhD programs of Italian universities and supervised selected students enrolled in those programs. See the Graduate Program for more information on the courses offered in previous years and on the students attending them.

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