Selected Publications 2022

"Displacement, Diversity, and Mobility: Career Impacts of Japanese American Internment", Jaime Arellano-Bover, The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 82, Issue 1, pp. 126 - 174, March 2022.

"Gender Differences in Cooperative Environments? Evidence from the U.S. Congress", Stefano Gagliarducci (with D. Paserman), Economic Journal, Vol. 132, Issue 641, pages 218–257, January 2022.

"The Cost of Steering in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage Market", Luigi Guiso and Andrea Pozzi (with L. Gambacorta, P. E. Mistrulli and A. Tsoy), Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 143, Issue 3, pages 1209-1226, 2022.

"The Macroeconomics of Sticky Prices with Generalized Hazard Functions", Francesco Lippi (with F. Alvarez and A. Oskolkov), Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 137, Issue 2, Pages 989–1038, May 2022.

"Cash: A blessing or a curse?", Francesco Lippi (with F. Alvarez, D. Argente and R. Jimenez), Journal of Monetary Economics: Carnegie Rochester – NYU Conference, Vol 125, issue C, pages 85-128, January 2022.

"The Extensive Margin of Aggregate Consumption Demand”, Claudio Michelacci, Luigi Paciello and Andrea Pozzi, Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 89, Issue 2, pages 909–947, March 2022.

"Illiquidity in sovereign debt markets", Juan Passadore (with Yu Xu), Journal of International Economics, Vol. 137, July 2022.

"Credit Misallocation During the European Financial Crisis", Fabiano Schivardi (with E. Sette and G. Tabellini), Economic Journal, Vol. 132, Issue 641, pages 391–423, January 2022.

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