XXII Dissertation prize "Fausto Vicarelli"

The dissertation prize "Fausto Vicarelli", financed by EIEF, was awarded on September 30th 2010. The members of the Committee that screened the applications and selected the winning dissertation were:

Pietro Alessandrini, Daniele Terlizzese, Silvano Vicarelli

The prize was awarded to:

Matteo Li Bergolis (Bocconi University) with the dissertation “Estimating the Real Effects of Financial Crises through a Markov-Switching Model with Gibbs Sampling".

The prize will be awarded by the President of the Fausto Vicarelli Association during the next meeting of the Italian Economics Society, which will be held in Catania next October 15th.

The Commission decided also to confer an honorable mention to Andrea Contigiani (Bocconi University) for his dissertation "Common Knowledge in Mechanisim Design".

Scholarships for Italian students for the academic year 2010-2011

EIEF offered four Scholarships to Italian students wishing to start their Ph.D in economics or related disciplines in a foreign university.

The 2010 scholarships have been awarded to:

  • Giulia Zane, from Bocconi University. She will start her Ph.D. at the London School of Economics
  • Andrea Contigiani, from Bocconi University. He will start his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Marika Cioffi, from Collegio Carlo Alberto. (Declined)
  • Denni Tommasi, from University of Bologna. (Declined)


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