RoME Theses

In order to earn a Master’s degree students have to write an original research piece in the field chosen jointly with their supervisor who helps in identifying a suitable research topic and oversees the progress of the student. The project of the Master's Thesis, as well as the preliminary and final drafts, are discussed in public presentations in front of RoME faculty.

Here we present the Master's Theses that in each graduating cohort were judged as best by the RoME faculty.


Student: Mattia ALBANESE
Supervisor: Emanuele Tarantino (Luiss & EIEF)
Thesis: The Impact of Intangible Inputs on Investments and Market Power: Analysis of the Italian Case

Student: Valerio CASTALDO
Supervisor: Alexey Makarin (EIEF)
Thesis: Effects of Conflict on Ethnic Identity and Trust: Evidence from the 2014 War in Eastern Ukraine

Student: Federica DI NICOLA
Supervisor: Facundo Piguillem (EIEF)
Thesis: The Optimal Fiscal Rule: Evidence from Italian Municipalities

Student: Luca LORENZINI
Supervisor: Fabiano Schivardi (Luiss & EIEF)
Thesis: The Italian Productivity Puzzle: Firm Distortions and Growth

Student: Aruzhan NURLANKUL
Supervisor: Pierpaolo Benigno (Luiss & EIEF)
Thesis: Forward Guidance and the Exchange rate: Empirical Evidence

Student: Edoardo SCALCIONE
Supervisor: Marco Lippi (EIEF)
Thesis: Forecasting with Dynamic Factor Models: An empirical exercise


Student: Felipe BERRUTTI
Supervisor: Andrea Pozzi (EIEF)
Thesis: Entry Regulation in Retail Markets


Student: Elia MORACCI
Supervisor: Francesco Lippi (LUISS and EIEF)
Thesis: Reserve Management and the Money Multiplier

Student: Natalia ROSTOVA
Supervisor: Luigi Paciello (EIEF)
Thesis: Households' Information Rigidities

Student: Mariia TIURINA
Supervisor: Juan Passadore (EIEF)
Thesis: Fiscal Multipliers in Italy

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